October 19, 2016

Mice Nesting in the Couch in Northeast DC House

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A customer in Northeast Washington DC reported mice nesting in a couch. A pest control company had attended in the past but the problem kept recurring. So they called us for a second opinion.

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Two mice carcasses fell out of the sofa on first inspection. A deeper inspection revealed a mouse nest inside the couch. Simply treating the couch would not be enough — a permanent solution involved tracking their entry points to the house and sealing them.

We identified three main […]

September 19, 2016

Mice Inspection in Shed of Northwest Washington DC House

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One of our customers in Northwest Washington DC reported signs that mice had moved into his shed. This was a newly purchased home and the customer wasn’t too crazy about sharing it with these unwelcome visitors.


Clifford’s attention was drawn to a fake wooden door. Whole board wood had been used to replace the former used door, but the contractors were careless: they left the four corners unsealed, providing easy access for vermin.

Dirt and droppings in the area confirmed Clifford’s suspicions. Grass seed inside the shed provided a friendly environment for […]

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