A customer in Bethesda, Maryland, reported that her basement had suffered a large scale invasion of millipedes. Though millipedes are benign and often regarded as a gardener’s friend for converting decayed vegetation into humus, the customer was tired of vacuuming them every day. That’s when we stepped in to get these critters out of the house and back into the garden where they belonged.

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In the course of a visit to the basement to carry out a free estimate, we discovered millipedes everywhere: crawling in corners, lying on the ground floor and curling in the crawlspace.



First was the moisture issue. water marks on the ceiling and around the edge of the wall gave us clear sign about the moisture level. Water is the No 1 key point to attract such amount of millipedes.

And there was no window covers to prevent them coming in, the whole building was covered by ivy and there were trees and brushes close to it, which would be a good food resources to attract millipedes.

Treatment and Exclusion Process

To prevent millipedes gaining free access to the house in future, we advised our customer to hire a waterproofing company. They would address any problems with damp in the property.
We also recommended some outside reconstruction such as adding window covers and removing ivy and plants growing too close to the house. And we sprayed the basement several times to set up a barrier. The outcome was a happy customer with a millipede-free home!

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