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Carpet beetles are flightless insects that come into homes in search of food. They don’t bite, but they can trash leather, wood and clothes.

Carpet beetle larvae are hairy and may cause itchiness on human skin.

Note: They are easily confused with bed bugs, tell you a trick, if you squish one, you’ll find no blood — only white organic matter inside.

carpet beetle larva adult


A thorough inspection is critical. It helps determine what areas of the home to be treated and how many re-treatments are likely.

In this particular case of one customer in the DC area. We carried out a free inspection, during which a red rug caught our eye. The carpet’s rich organic material provided a feast for these beetles. We also found shells beneath the rug and carpet and beetle larva surviving in cracks on the floor.

Most likely these critters were introduced with the rug. Possibly animals might have brought them inside. Unless cleaning is frequent they feed on carpet and reproduce. After about a year, because of their attraction to sunlight, they were found around windows.

Treatment and Exclusion Process

We normally provide two treatments for carpet beetle problem: An initial service and a follow-up service. We will instruct our customer how to make preparations in order to introduce a degree of prevention. In this case we:

  • Relocated the seriously infested rug, and treated it thoroughly
  • Disposed of the cracks where carpet larva had been living
  • Vacuumed the room
  • Sprayed the mattress, window frames, corners and all infested areas of the room with a powerful, Eco-friendly aerosol that kills carpet beetles on contact

The carpet beetle’s hatch cycle is around 7-14 days. That’s when we made our follow-up inspection, checking whether any new critters had hatched since the initial service. We sprayed for a second time to ensure eradication.

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