OK, you have bed bugs! You are not sure how they got in but you know you want them gone. You also know that bed bugs are extremely stubborn and hard to get rid of.

How can you be sure your exterminator has the knowhow to do a good job? At BioTech, this is a common question we get from our customers so we decided to put together this video that documents a severe bed bug job we performed in Washington DC. Every situation will require something slightly different but hopefully this will give you a good idea of how BioTech does things.

Important note: Bed bugs are extremely mobile. To ensure they are exterminated once and forall, every room in the home should get treated, not just the infested rooms.

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The Inspection

A thorough inspection is critical. It helps determine what areas of the home to be treated and how many re-treatments are likely.

In this particular case, the bed bugs infested the mattress, furniture, ceiling lights, and even in the cracks of the floor. We also noticed little black dots spread over the floor and in the box spring. Those are bed bug droppings from blood meals.

The mattress is usually the most likely place for bed bugs to live and flourish. In this case, the customer mattress and box springs were covered with bed bug eggs and adult bed bugs inside and out.

The level of bed bug infestation in the home, on the scale of one to ten, is eleven!

Treatment and Exclusion Process

First, we treated all the furniture. This includes spraying the mattress and boxspring inside out, all the wood pieces (especially the dresser), and even the electric outlets. Everything was treated using an eco-friendly aerosol product. The aerosol is strong. Bed bugs, be it babies or adults, die on contact. Even better, you can lay on the mattress safely right after the application of the aerosol.

Next, we treated each room. We started with one side of the room. We fan sprayed the baseboard areas with liquid insecticide that has insect growth regulators inside. We also sprayed the surfaces of the walls so that it leaves residual properties on them. When bed bugs try to cross across the wall, they would run right into it. The same was done on the window frames.

Bed bug treatment is usually three services. But for this level of infestation, we made a total of six continuous visits. We also ordered the customer’s clothes be washed, dry cleaned, and kept away from the property during the treatment. During the last service, we inspected the space to make sure that the customer would be reintroduced to a bed bug free home.

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