A customer in Northwest Washington DC reported seeing big roaches in her kitchen — a clear food hygiene concern.

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American Cockroaches Inspection

We identified the infiltrators as American Cockroaches. Closer inspection revealed a hole near the outlet leading to the plumbing area. This would surely provide a freeway through which these pests might invade the house.

Also, at the foot of the dry wall, water rotting was detected — a condition attractive to roaches. The customer themselves set traps but failed to address the underlying issue of water ingress which was the real source of the problem.


American Cockroaches Extermination

  • We placed granular bait in the crawl space. This is a stomach poison which can be passed around a whole colony.
  • We cleaned up the infested area and sprayed the baseboards of the floor to create a chemical barrier.
  • We sealed all entry points and the cracks between the floor and drywall.
  • We recommended that the customer hire a contractor to fix the root cause of the infestation — the water leak.


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