Biotech Pest Management

BioTech Pest Control Service Plans (Gold Plan)

The Gold Plan includes exterior rodent control and access panel services for rats and mice. For
$350, we will make two visits 10-14 days apart and leave two baited, brick-supported stations. We will investigate and treat activity at the front or back of your property, whether a restaurant, shop, office building, or other property. For $425, we will place one odor bag and one non-bricksupported bait station in two access panels of your choice.

Our approach to solving rat and mouse pest problems is by treating existing rodent burrows
and/or placing brick-supported, baited, tamper-proof stations for control in the house’s exterior and treating created or existing access to the basement or first-floor ceilings.

The maintenance cost for bi-weekly or monthly service is $75; every other month, $95, and
quarterly, $115.

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