Hornets will sting to defend their colony and hive. These highly unwelcome and sometimes noisy guests often hamper enjoyment of our short northern summers. It’s even less fun when you discover an entire colony on your property. Of all the situations where a professional exterminator should be engaged, the removal of a hornet’s nest should feature high on your list.

Hornet Nest Inspection


A customer in Southeast Washington DC grew concerned when she noticed a hornet nest hanging from her window frame. We quickly located a ball shaped nest. We removed the nest right away because nests have been known to double in size over the course of just one summer.

Hornet Nest Removal

Wearing protective clothing we sprayed the nest with a hornet-killing remedy, ensuring that it penetrated all hive openings. After a few treatments noise levels fell dramatically. Dead hornets began falling down. Finally, we used a ladder to reach the nest and pull it down, offering our customer the pleasant possibility of a peaceful summer!

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