Our Mission

Washington DC is not only the community we serve, it’s also where we live and raise our families. It’s pretty awesome to work in the community that we live in. That’s why it’s so important for us to give back and make this community even more beautiful. We feel strongly that the best way we can impact the community is by investing in the young people that live here.

We participate in a wide range of activities from volunteering our time helping families in need to offering scholarships to graduating high school students.

Events in the Community

The Children’s Winter Coat Drive is sponsored by the Children’s Charity Foundation and BB&T. It aims to distribute winter coats to children by donations from 30 local charities and organizations in the D.C. area.

Biotech is honored to have been chosen as the charity to purchase coats for children in the downtown Silver Spring, MD area. We are privileged to play a part in helping at risk and disadvantaged youth in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

The SHOL Annual Scholarship Program was launched by Stanley House of LOVE. It offers development opportunities for applicants through a distinguished panel of executives and prominent individuals from academia.

As a developing company with mainly young and enthusiastic employees, Biotech is more than willing to resource the success of a rising high school senior and to help them realize their dreams.

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Manuel Tallaferro

Online Sales & Relationship Manager

Manuel was born and raised in Venezuela. He graduated from Carabobo University, with a B.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a M. A. in Educational Research.

He developed his people skills working in public and private learning institutes. Trying new projects, he got an opportunity in the pest control business with Biotech Pest Management and has been part of the company for a couple of years providing high-quality customer service and managing staff.

Valentina Vehdeking

Back Office Support Manager

Social Communicator and Journalist with professional experience in alliance management and public relations, internal and external organizational communication, coordination of organizational events, market research and competitor analysis, brand positioning, content review and editing.

Advanced English proficiency, intermediate proficiency in Figma, Google Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Canva.

Strong skills in critical reading, public relations, organization, analysis, detail orientation and logistics.

Juleyny Bracho

Front office manager

Juleyny Bracho was born and raised in Venezuela. She graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Venezuela, Carabobo University, with a B. A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a M. A. in Educational Research.

Working in Biotech Pest Management has been a new experience for her, but she has adjusted well and picked up the industry knowledge at lighting speeds. She has been working in this company for 2 years, and she has become a trusted member of the Biotech team. Working in Biotech Pest Management has been a new experience for her, but she has adjusted well and picked up the industry knowledge at lighting speeds.

Dustin Pierce

Service Manager

• Arundel High School

• osha certified , ASE mechanic.

• background in labor – remodel , arborist , landscaper , demolition, auto mechanic , Manager , Site Supervisor

• driven to make a tangible impact in community through skill set labor oriented work

• aspiration to further business management education

• long term – be apart of a growing business in which I can apply prior skill sets and learned knowledge to progress into building business infrastructure and understanding forming of logistics in a service industry company

• highlight of being part of the Biotech Family – positively impacting a customers life directly everyday and improving quality of life within the community with tangible and immediate results

Clifford Akpan

Owner and chief technician

Clifford Akpan acquired his business degree in finance from California State University. He worked for many years as a business analyst in the oil industry in Chicago.

Desiring more independence, he dabbled in the vending machine, real estate, and commercial cleaning industries before being introduced to pest control by a friend of his.

Pest control is where Clifford discovered his true calling. He loved the satisfaction of giving customers a peace of mind by solving their pest problems.