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Effective Cockroaches Control

The cockroaches most commonly found in the Washington DC region are American and German cockroaches. They can eat almost anything and thrive almost anywhere. They can carriers organisms causing diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever and viral diseases such as poliomyelitis. They multiply rapidly. Once you have an infestation, they’re very hard to eradicate.

Has Your Home Been Invaded by Cockroaches?

Make sure you select a professional who understands the biology of cockroaches and has experience treating for the different kinds of cockroaches.

The BioTech approach for solving a cockroach problem is to:
Perform a thorough inspection of your home to figure out what species of cockroaches invaded you, what is attracting them, how they are getting in and where their nests are. Then, customize a treatment strategy for your home.
Solving a German cockroach invasion involves 1) Asking the homeowner to prepare the home for treatment. 2) Using a cocktail of products targeted at eliminating and preventing cockroaches from reproducing. The specialized formulas we use are safe, leave no fumes and are fully dried by the time you return home. Three treatments are usually enough for a normal infestation but we will continue to treat your home at no extra charge until the problem is solved.
Solving an American cockroach invasion involves 1) Treat the inside of the house using fan spray. 2) Treat the outside of the house with a powerspray, which is a highly pressurized chemical spray that allows large amounts of chemicals to reach deep into bushes and ground, down to the nests.
Give you a 6-month warranty to back up our work. The longest warranty in the industry.
Walk you through a cockroach prevention strategy: How to recognize situations in your home that would potentially attract cockroaches. Best practices in your kitchen and bathroom to make them less attractive to cockroaches.
Give you a 6-month warranty to back up our work. The longest warranty in the industry.
Note: The warranty for American cockroach treatment also covers your home for odorous ants/black ants/fire ants, centipedes/millipedes, crickets, earwigs, and spiders.
VIDEO: Solving a German cockroach problem - The BioTech Way
VIDEO: Solving an American cockroach problem - The BioTech Way

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