Biotech Pest Management

Ensuring customers have a safe, clean, pest-free environment.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON DC, September 6, 2023 — BioTech Pest Management, the leading pest control service provider in the Washington Metropolitan area, is proud to announce exciting developments in their commitment to ensuring customers have a safe, clean, pest-free environment. Founded 14 years ago by Clifford, BioTech Pest Management has evolved from a one-man […]

Roll Call Mondays: Keeping Client Concerns & Issues Front and Center

In today’s climate of companies claiming to be the best, Biotech Pro Pest Management is a company that keeps its client’s and customers’ concerns and issues front and center. This is how we win! “Roll Call Mondays” is a look inside BioTech Pros, an opportunity for BioTech Pest Control CEO & General Manager Cliff Akpan […]

Odorous Ants Extermination in Ellicott City, MD

We recently encountered a troublesome ant infestation in Ellicott City, Maryland. We carried out a number of treatments but failed to locate the ants’ nest. Odorous Ants Nest Inspection Many exterminators just spray houses. This is no more than a temporary treatment. For a lasting solution, ants must be eliminated at source. And this can […]