Bird Feeder Brings Rodent Issue to an Arlington Virginia House


During one inspection of a home with a potential rodent problem, Clifford grew concerned about an empty bird feeder. Birds fed on seeds which had fallen to the ground but these would have been equally attractive to mice, rats or squirrels. So readily attainable a source of food to a rodent would encourage nest building in the vicinity. And it would not be long before they invaded your home.


bird-feed-hang-in-the-yard Clifford did give the customer two options, first one was keeping the feeder, we would put […]

By |September 27th, 2016|

Mud Dauber Nest Removal and Treatment in Northwest Washington DC

When mud dauber flying around your balcony, it would be stressed to enjoy the outside scene. One customer in Northwest Washington DC did have a mud dauber problem and found us to conduct extermination.


We arrived on the scene on the same day that we took the customer’s call and immediately discovered two mud nests in the customer’s balcony.

The nests were well constructed — clearly wasp larvae were alive and thriving inside. Breaking the nest confirmed our suspicions. Natural wasps sting these insects and feed them to their young. They had to […]

By |September 26th, 2016|

Solving a Spider Problem in the Basement


We could see the problem immediately: Spiders. The female spider was crawling on the web, egg sacs all around her. Carcasses of insects could be seen underneath; the remnants of earlier feeding.

Treatment ans Suggestions

We could have removed the web and told the customer the job was done. Far better however, to help the customer identify the source of the problem. Which we did. It’s the only way to provide a permanent solution.

Checks revealed sufficient humidity and dim crawl space to sustain insect activity. We recommended that the customer […]

By |September 19th, 2016|

Mice Inspection in Shed of Northwest Washington DC House

One of our customers in Northwest Washington DC reported signs that mice had moved into his shed. This was a newly purchased home and the customer wasn’t too crazy about sharing it with these unwelcome visitors.


Clifford’s attention was drawn to a fake wooden door. Whole board wood had been used to replace the former used door, but the contractors were careless: they left the four corners unsealed, providing easy access for vermin.

Dirt and droppings in the area confirmed Clifford’s suspicions. Grass seed inside the shed provided a friendly environment for […]

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American Cockroaches Infestation in Kitchen Area of NW DC Home

A customer in Northwest Washington DC reported seeing big roaches in her kitchen — a clear food hygiene concern.

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American Cockroaches Inspection

We identified the infiltrators as American Cockroaches. Closer inspection revealed a hole near the outlet leading to the plumbing area. This would surely provide a freeway through which these pests might invade the house.

Also, at the foot of the dry wall, water rotting was detected — a condition attractive to roaches. The customer themselves set traps but failed to address the underlying issue of […]

By |September 9th, 2016|