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Effective Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs sneak into homes through cloths or luggage and hide under beds, couches, and carpets. They bite, feed on your blood, cause allergic reactions and infections. Some studies show they can even transmit diseases. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate because they can hide anywhere and go a long time without feeding.

Has Your Home Been Invaded by Bed Bugs?

Make sure you select a professional who understands the biology of these insects and has experience treating for them.

The BioTech approach for solving a bed bug problem is to:
Perform a thorough inspection of your home, particularly the places that attract bed bug. Look for evidence of cast-off shells, dropping, and eggs. Inquire about bite marks. Based on all this, we will be able to figure out how they got in and how heavy the infestation is. Then, customize a treatment strategy for your home.
Use an array of products targeted at wherever bed bugs hide: aerosol spray for furniture, liquid insecticide for baseboards, and dust in cracks and outlets. The specialized formulas we use are safe, leave no fumes and are fully dried by the time you return home. Three treatments are usually enough for a normal infestation but we will continue to treat your home at no extra charge until the problem is solved.
Walk you through a bed bug prevention strategy: How to recognize potential bed bug sources. How to check hotel rooms for bed bugs. How to avoid bringing them home.
Give you a 6-month warranty to back up our work. The longest warranty in the industry.
Note: You do not have to throw away your furniture and mattress in most cases, or move out of your home.
VIDEO: Solving a boxelder bugs problem - The BioTech Way

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