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I'm a licensed and experienced pest control professional and owner of BioTech Pest Management, a small team of experts who specialize in treating for rodent, pest, and wildlife local to the Washington DC region.

September 8, 2016

Boxelder Bugs Removal – The BioTech Way

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During fall and spring, red pot bugs can be seen wandering about outside. Boxelder bugs are harmless, but may be drawn to dwellings by sunlight. In such cases, every crack in outside walls presents an expressway to your home’s interior. This blog shows how we detect and eliminate these intruders.

Boxelder Bugs Inspection

Boxelder bugs were seen in great abundance around the yard, window frame and grassy area of a customer’s premises. The bugs feed on plants and hide in the dirt, waiting for sunrise. That’s when they’ll wander around the side of a home, […]

Odorous Ants Extermination in Ellicott City, MD

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We recently encountered a troublesome ant infestation in Ellicott City, Maryland. We carried out a number of treatments but failed to locate the ants’ nest.

Odorous Ants Nest Inspection

Many exterminators just spray houses. This is no more than a temporary treatment. For a lasting solution, ants must be eliminated at source. And this can be difficult. After a thorough inspection and long-term observation, we finally identified their nesting area by tracking ant trails originating from a hard-to-discover plant pot. All was revealed when we shoveled out the plant root to discover millions of active ants and their […]

August 17, 2016

Hornet Nest Removal in Southeast Washington DC

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Hornets will sting to defend their colony and hive. These highly unwelcome and sometimes noisy guests often hamper enjoyment of our short northern summers. It’s even less fun when you discover an entire colony on your property. Of all the situations where a professional exterminator should be engaged, the removal of a hornet’s nest should feature high on your list.

Hornet Nest Inspection

A customer in Southeast Washington DC grew concerned when she noticed a hornet nest hanging from her window frame. We quickly located a ball shaped nest. We removed the […]

Yellow Jacket Hive Removal in Northwest Washington DC

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When yellow jackets start to play house in your home, call an exterminator as soon as you can. Yellow jackets are more aggressive than wasps, hornets and other stinging insects. They are capable of stinging many times and they will sting for no reason.

Yellow Jacket Inspection

A customer in Northwest Washington DC reported that bees in large numbers had turned up in his yard. We found the nest amongst the foliage of a spotted plant and confirmed that the bees were Yellow Jackets, whose workers and soldiers were present in large […]

Millipedes Treatment – The Biotech Way

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A customer in Bethesda, Maryland, reported that her basement had suffered a large scale invasion of millipedes. Though millipedes are benign and often regarded as a gardener’s friend for converting decayed vegetation into humus, the customer was tired of vacuuming them every day. That’s when we stepped in to get these critters out of the house and back into the garden where they belonged.

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In the course of a visit to the basement to carry out a free estimate, we discovered millipedes everywhere: crawling in corners, […]

July 28, 2016

Carpet Beetles Treatment – The Biotech Way

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Carpet beetles are flightless insects that come into homes in search of food. They don’t bite, but they can trash leather, wood and clothes.

Carpet beetle larvae are hairy and may cause itchiness on human skin.

Note: They are easily confused with bed bugs, tell you a trick, if you squish one, you’ll find no blood — only white organic matter inside.


A thorough inspection is critical. It helps determine what areas of the home to be treated and how many re-treatments are likely.

In this particular case of one customer in the DC area. […]

September 26, 2014

Bed Bug Treatment and Exclusion – The BioTech Way

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OK, you have bed bugs! You are not sure how they got in but you know you want them gone. You also know that bed bugs are extremely stubborn and hard to get rid of.

How can you be sure your exterminator has the knowhow to do a good job? At BioTech, this is a common question we get from our customers so we decided to put together this video that documents a severe bed bug job we performed in Washington DC. Every situation will require something slightly different but hopefully this will […]

July 27, 2014

Rats and American Cockroaches Treatment and Exclusion Job in Northeast Washington DC

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Rats and cockroaches are the last visitors you want in your home. They eat your food. They spread disease. They multiply rapidly. And they thrive anywhere in your home. Once they start feeling at home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

On June 9, 2015, after some DIY efforts, Jeremiah from Northeast Washington DC called us about his finding of rats and cockroaches in the kitchen of his home.

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BioTech Free Inspection

We showed up for the free BioTech inspection. During the process, we noticed that the entry point for the […]