Boxelder Bugs Removal – The BioTech Way

During fall and spring, red pot bugs can be seen wandering about outside. Boxelder bugs are harmless, but may be drawn to dwellings by sunlight. In such cases, every crack in outside walls presents an expressway to your home’s interior. This blog shows how we detect and eliminate these intruders.

Boxelder Bugs Inspection


Boxelder bugs were seen in great abundance around the yard, window frame and grassy area of a customer’s premises. The bugs feed on plants and hide in the dirt, waiting for sunrise. That’s when they’ll wander around the side of a home, facing directly into the sunlight. The infestation made the customer scared and nervous.

Boxelder Bugs Removal


We first identify the source. In most cases they infest the yard, before spreading over a wider area. We spray the whole yard to drive the bugs from their shelter — using a power spray for corners, cracks in brickwork and gaps in windows and door frames. We recommend yard reconstruction specifically to avoid further infestation.

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Odorous Ants Extermination in Ellicott City, MD

We recently encountered a troublesome ant infestation in Ellicott City, Maryland. We carried out a number of treatments but failed to locate the ants’ nest.

Odorous Ants Nest Inspection


Many exterminators just spray houses. This is no more than a temporary treatment. For a lasting solution, ants must be eliminated at source. And this can be difficult. After a thorough inspection and long-term observation, we finally identified their nesting area by tracking ant trails originating from a hard-to-discover plant pot. All was revealed when we shoveled out the plant root to discover millions of active ants and their eggs.

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Odorous Ants Nest Removal

We moved as much of the colony as we could with shovels. We then sprayed the entire colony using a thin nozzle to infiltrate pesticides into their tunnels, killing active eggs and any remaining ants. The ants reacted by trying to escape from the colony, taking their eggs with them. So we sprayed the whole pot again breaking the soil concrete for maximum penetration.

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Hornet Nest Removal in Southeast Washington DC

Hornets will sting to defend their colony and hive. These highly unwelcome and sometimes noisy guests often hamper enjoyment of our short northern summers. It’s even less fun when you discover an entire colony on your property. Of all the situations where a professional exterminator should be engaged, the removal of a hornet’s nest should feature high on your list.

Hornet Nest Inspection


A customer in Southeast Washington DC grew concerned when she noticed a hornet nest hanging from her window frame. We quickly located a ball shaped nest. We removed the nest right away because nests have been known to double in size over the course of just one summer.

Hornet Nest Removal

Wearing protective clothing we sprayed the nest with a hornet-killing remedy, ensuring that it penetrated all hive openings. After a few treatments noise levels fell dramatically. Dead hornets began falling down. Finally, we used a ladder to reach the nest and pull it down, offering our customer the pleasant possibility of a peaceful summer!

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Yellow Jacket Hive Removal in Northwest Washington DC

When yellow jackets start to play house in your home, call an exterminator as soon as you can. Yellow jackets are more aggressive than wasps, hornets and other stinging insects. They are capable of stinging many times and they will sting for no reason.

Yellow Jacket Inspection

A customer in Northwest Washington DC reported that bees in large numbers had turned up in his yard. We found the nest amongst the foliage of a spotted plant and confirmed that the bees were Yellow Jackets, whose workers and soldiers were present in large numbers. We acted swiftly to eliminate any threat.

Yellow Jacket Hive Removal


We started around dusk, when Yellow Jackets are most likely to be inside, spraying directly through all openings to ensure the killer products penetrated the hive. We returned the next day and pulled down the nest. We broke down the hive to confirm that the queen was dead. She was. Problem solved!

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Millipedes Treatment – The Biotech Way

A customer in Bethesda, Maryland, reported that her basement had suffered a large scale invasion of millipedes. Though millipedes are benign and often regarded as a gardener’s friend for converting decayed vegetation into humus, the customer was tired of vacuuming them every day. That’s when we stepped in to get these critters out of the house and back into the garden where they belonged.

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In the course of a visit to the basement to carry out a free estimate, we discovered millipedes everywhere: crawling in corners, lying on the ground floor and curling in the crawlspace.



First was the moisture issue. water marks on the ceiling and around the edge of the wall gave us clear sign about the moisture level. Water is the No 1 key point to attract such amount of millipedes.

And there was no window covers to prevent them coming in, the whole building was covered by ivy and there were trees and brushes close to it, which would be a good food resources to attract millipedes.

Treatment and Exclusion Process

To prevent millipedes gaining free access to the house in future, we advised our customer to hire a waterproofing company. They would address any problems with damp in the property.
We also recommended some outside reconstruction such as adding window covers and removing ivy and plants growing too close to the house. And we sprayed the basement several times to set up a barrier. The outcome was a happy customer with a millipede-free home!

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Carpet Beetles Treatment – The Biotech Way

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Carpet beetles are flightless insects that come into homes in search of food. They don’t bite, but they can trash leather, wood and clothes.

Carpet beetle larvae are hairy and may cause itchiness on human skin.

Note: They are easily confused with bed bugs, tell you a trick, if you squish one, you’ll find no blood — only white organic matter inside.

carpet beetle larva adult


A thorough inspection is critical. It helps determine what areas of the home to be treated and how many re-treatments are likely.

In this particular case of one customer in the DC area. We carried out a free inspection, during which a red rug caught our eye. The carpet’s rich organic material provided a feast for these beetles. We also found shells beneath the rug and carpet and beetle larva surviving in cracks on the floor.

Most likely these critters were introduced with the rug. Possibly animals might have brought them inside. Unless cleaning is frequent they feed on carpet and reproduce. After about a year, because of their attraction to sunlight, they were found around windows.

Treatment and Exclusion Process

We normally provide two treatments for carpet beetle problem: An initial service and a follow-up service. We will instruct our customer how to make preparations in order to introduce a degree of prevention. In this case we:

  • Relocated the seriously infested rug, and treated it thoroughly
  • Disposed of the cracks where carpet larva had been living
  • Vacuumed the room
  • Sprayed the mattress, window frames, corners and all infested areas of the room with a powerful, Eco-friendly aerosol that kills carpet beetles on contact

The carpet beetle’s hatch cycle is around 7-14 days. That’s when we made our follow-up inspection, checking whether any new critters had hatched since the initial service. We sprayed for a second time to ensure eradication.

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Bed Bug Treatment and Exclusion – The BioTech Way

OK, you have bed bugs! You are not sure how they got in but you know you want them gone. You also know that bed bugs are extremely stubborn and hard to get rid of.

How can you be sure your exterminator has the knowhow to do a good job? At BioTech, this is a common question we get from our customers so we decided to put together this video that documents a severe bed bug job we performed in Washington DC. Every situation will require something slightly different but hopefully this will give you a good idea of how BioTech does things.

Important note: Bed bugs are extremely mobile. To ensure they are exterminated once and forall, every room in the home should get treated, not just the infested rooms.

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The Inspection

A thorough inspection is critical. It helps determine what areas of the home to be treated and how many re-treatments are likely.

In this particular case, the bed bugs infested the mattress, furniture, ceiling lights, and even in the cracks of the floor. We also noticed little black dots spread over the floor and in the box spring. Those are bed bug droppings from blood meals.

The mattress is usually the most likely place for bed bugs to live and flourish. In this case, the customer mattress and box springs were covered with bed bug eggs and adult bed bugs inside and out.

The level of bed bug infestation in the home, on the scale of one to ten, is eleven!

Treatment and Exclusion Process

First, we treated all the furniture. This includes spraying the mattress and boxspring inside out, all the wood pieces (especially the dresser), and even the electric outlets. Everything was treated using an eco-friendly aerosol product. The aerosol is strong. Bed bugs, be it babies or adults, die on contact. Even better, you can lay on the mattress safely right after the application of the aerosol.

Next, we treated each room. We started with one side of the room. We fan sprayed the baseboard areas with liquid insecticide that has insect growth regulators inside. We also sprayed the surfaces of the walls so that it leaves residual properties on them. When bed bugs try to cross across the wall, they would run right into it. The same was done on the window frames.

Bed bug treatment is usually three services. But for this level of infestation, we made a total of six continuous visits. We also ordered the customer’s clothes be washed, dry cleaned, and kept away from the property during the treatment. During the last service, we inspected the space to make sure that the customer would be reintroduced to a bed bug free home.

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Rats and American Cockroaches Treatment and Exclusion Job in Northeast Washington DC

Rats and cockroaches are the last visitors you want in your home. They eat your food. They spread disease. They multiply rapidly. And they thrive anywhere in your home. Once they start feeling at home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

On June 9, 2015, after some DIY efforts, Jeremiah from Northeast Washington DC called us about his finding of rats and cockroaches in the kitchen of his home.

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BioTech Free Inspection

Clifford in kitchen crawl space

We showed up for the free BioTech inspection. During the process, we noticed that the entry point for the rats and cockroaches is the crawl space under the kitchen stove. The crawl space was extremely small and hard to access. It was damp because of a pipe leak. And the moisture was trapped down there due to lack of ventilation. That made it an ideal environment for the rats and American cockroaches to thrive.

We also found cracks in foundations on the side of the wall leading to the neighbor’s house, through which rats were getting in.

We informed Jeremiah of our findings, including problems that the customer might have not noticed.

Note: We always make recommendations to help prevent future infestations.

Eradication and Exclusion Process

Clifford removing dead rats

We set up granular bait in the crawl space to kill the cockroaches, and soft baits for rats. Note: We use eco-friendly products that are pest specific. And we use tamper-proof stations so children and pets are safe during the process.

We came back in five days and removed six dead rats. Cockroaches were exterminated as well. We recommended the customer to fix the damp problem caused by the leaking pipes and allow venting to alleviate the problem. Another job well done!

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