Roll Call Mondays: Keeping Client Concerns & Issues Front and Center

In today’s climate of companies claiming to be the best, Biotech Pro Pest Management is a company that keeps its client’s and customers’ concerns and issues front and center. This is how we win! “Roll Call Mondays” is a look inside BioTech Pros, an opportunity for BioTech Pest Control CEO & General Manager Cliff Akpan to meet with his staff members,

 go over their company’s vision and mission, as well as address any customer concerns or industry protocol questions. 

“It helps us prepare for battle,” says Mr. Akpan. It also keeps our employees on point by staying in touch with what matters most – our clients’ needs.

“We not only invest in new technologies we invest in our guys! Coming off the industries largest convention Pest Control 2021 in Vegas, myself (Clif Akpan) and one of our senior managers were able to attend Leading workshops, and network with other trailblazers

in the industry to bring back to our guy a wealth of knowledge and practices that will make the BIOTECH System the Gold standard in the industry. “

We are blessed to have our BioTech Pro technicians. Our Pest Management Company is growing faster than any other company in the industry because we keep our client’s and customers’ concerns at the forefront of everything that we do. We never forget who pays us-our customers! “It is important for us to meet with the Guys, to go over company concerns, customer issues, and industry protocols. It helps us prepare for battle and keeps our soldiers ready for war.”

Thank you for allowing BioTech Pro Pest Management to serve you! If there is anything we can do to improve our service, please let us know. We appreciate your business!

Cliff Akpan, CEO & General Manager

BioTech Pro Pest Management :

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Proudly serving:

The Greater Washington, MD, VA, DC metropolitan area & Baltimore.

BioTech Pro Pest Management is the only choice for your pest control needs! We are experts in rodent control and have a variety of services to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Rat Inspection at a Residential Property in Northwest Washington DC

This video shows how we inspect for rat infestation, in this case at a residential property in Northwest Washington DC.

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Inspection and Finding

A thorough inspection uncovered two main entry points through which rats might invade the property. Two key findings helped us identify the problem and the solution.

  • Finding #1 Brown spots around an unsealed wooden basement door led us to the conclusion that this was the rodents’ entry point.
  • Finding #2 We also found a big opening through the access point where pipework entered the building. More brown spots on pipework covers revealed large scale rat activity. Rats had also chewed larger openings making it even easier for them to gain access.

Solution and Suggestion

This was a heavy infestation. The speediest response possible was necessary. Our proposed solution was to use soft bait to decrease the rat population. This is in contrast to the use of sticky plates and traps which some rats are smart enough to avoid. We also proposed the sealing of the basement door and pipeline openings. In accordance with our standard terms of trading, a 90 day warranty would be given to customers after last treatment.

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If you have any questions/comments, either leave me a comment below.

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Mice Nesting in the Couch in Northeast DC House

A customer in Northeast Washington DC reported mice nesting in a couch. A pest control company had attended in the past but the problem kept recurring. So they called us for a second opinion.

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Two mice carcasses fell out of the sofa on first inspection. A deeper inspection revealed a mouse nest inside the couch. Simply treating the couch would not be enough — a permanent solution involved tracking their entry points to the house and sealing them.

We identified three main reasons for the recurring nature of this customer’s mice problem:

  • Readily available nesting material inside the couch
  • Bottom gaps on French doors offered mice easy access
  • Unsealed gap around the outlet offered a further entry point

Suggestion and treatment

We treated the infested couch and closed the gap between outlet and wall. We suggested the customer buy a cap to cover the gaps in the French door — if gaps remained the problem would simply recur.

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Rats Nesting in Yard of a Northwest Washington DC Home

The discovery of rats started when the tenant of one customer in Northwest Washington DC reported hearing noises in a basement ceiling. The video shows how we identified the problem and makes suggestions for prevention.

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The discovery of burrows at the property indicated a severe rat infestation. Four issues arose:

  1. The AC unit sat directly on dirt. This made it possible for rats to burrow up underneath, attracted by the machine’s warmth.
  2. The property’s front garden had been sown with tomatoes, peppers and flowers — a food source for rats
  3. A crawl space underneath the front porch, located next to the garden, would make a fine home for rats
  4. The property ‘s untidy back yard was strewn with construction materials, providing a beach head from where rats could invade the house

Prevention and Recommendation

The best solution was to eliminate the source of the problem. Our main recommendation for achieving this objective was the complete removal of the front garden followed by a deep clean of the area to remove the mess.

As an alternative we suggested a maintenance plan, to include the setting of bait and monthly inspections.

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Bird Feeder Brings Rodent Issue to an Arlington Virginia House


During one inspection of a home with a potential rodent problem, Clifford grew concerned about an empty bird feeder. Birds fed on seeds which had fallen to the ground but these would have been equally attractive to mice, rats or squirrels. So readily attainable a source of food to a rodent would encourage nest building in the vicinity. And it would not be long before they invaded your home.


Clifford did give the customer two options, first one was keeping the feeder, we would put the bait station under it and to reduce the rodent population. But it was not a way to get rid of the problem and for the squirrel we were not accepted to use bait regarding the law. Customer would need extra money every month in prevention if they would keep the feeder. The second one was remove the bird feeder with related treatments, in this way, we could solve the problem from the source.

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Mice Inspection in Shed of Northwest Washington DC House

One of our customers in Northwest Washington DC reported signs that mice had moved into his shed. This was a newly purchased home and the customer wasn’t too crazy about sharing it with these unwelcome visitors.


Clifford’s attention was drawn to a fake wooden door. Whole board wood had been used to replace the former used door, but the contractors were careless: they left the four corners unsealed, providing easy access for vermin.

Dirt and droppings in the area confirmed Clifford’s suspicions. Grass seed inside the shed provided a friendly environment for nesting. These mice had been there for a long time before their antics caught the customer’s attention.











This was a two-stage extermination. First we removed the grass seeds on which the mice fed. We then used bait and tracking powder to exterminate them. After treatment, we returned to seal the entry points from inside and outside.

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Odorous Ants Extermination in Ellicott City, MD

We recently encountered a troublesome ant infestation in Ellicott City, Maryland. We carried out a number of treatments but failed to locate the ants’ nest.

Odorous Ants Nest Inspection


Many exterminators just spray houses. This is no more than a temporary treatment. For a lasting solution, ants must be eliminated at source. And this can be difficult. After a thorough inspection and long-term observation, we finally identified their nesting area by tracking ant trails originating from a hard-to-discover plant pot. All was revealed when we shoveled out the plant root to discover millions of active ants and their eggs.

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Odorous Ants Nest Removal

We moved as much of the colony as we could with shovels. We then sprayed the entire colony using a thin nozzle to infiltrate pesticides into their tunnels, killing active eggs and any remaining ants. The ants reacted by trying to escape from the colony, taking their eggs with them. So we sprayed the whole pot again breaking the soil concrete for maximum penetration.

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Rats and American Cockroaches Treatment and Exclusion Job in Northeast Washington DC

Rats and cockroaches are the last visitors you want in your home. They eat your food. They spread disease. They multiply rapidly. And they thrive anywhere in your home. Once they start feeling at home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

On June 9, 2015, after some DIY efforts, Jeremiah from Northeast Washington DC called us about his finding of rats and cockroaches in the kitchen of his home.

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BioTech Free Inspection


We showed up for the free BioTech inspection. During the process, we noticed that the entry point for the rats and cockroaches is the crawl space under the kitchen stove. The crawl space was extremely small and hard to access. It was damp because of a pipe leak. And the moisture was trapped down there due to lack of ventilation. That made it an ideal environment for the rats and American cockroaches to thrive.

We also found cracks in foundations on the side of the wall leading to the neighbor’s house, through which rats were getting in.

We informed Jeremiah of our findings, including problems that the customer might have not noticed.

Note: We always make recommendations to help prevent future infestations.

Eradication and Exclusion Process


We set up granular bait in the crawl space to kill the cockroaches, and soft baits for rats. Note: We use eco-friendly products that are pest specific. And we use tamper-proof stations so children and pets are safe during the process.

We came back in five days and removed six dead rats. Cockroaches were exterminated as well. We recommended the customer to fix the damp problem caused by the leaking pipes and allow venting to alleviate the problem. Another job well done!

If you have any questions/comments, either leave me a comment below.

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Manuel Tallaferro

Online Sales & Relationship Manager

Manuel was born and raised in Venezuela. He graduated from Carabobo University, with a B.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a M. A. in Educational Research.

He developed his people skills working in public and private learning institutes. Trying new projects, he got an opportunity in the pest control business with Biotech Pest Management and has been part of the company for a couple of years providing high-quality customer service and managing staff.

Valentina Vehdeking

Back Office Support Manager

Social Communicator and Journalist with professional experience in alliance management and public relations, internal and external organizational communication, coordination of organizational events, market research and competitor analysis, brand positioning, content review and editing.

Advanced English proficiency, intermediate proficiency in Figma, Google Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Canva.

Strong skills in critical reading, public relations, organization, analysis, detail orientation and logistics.

Juleyny Bracho

Front office manager

Juleyny Bracho was born and raised in Venezuela. She graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Venezuela, Carabobo University, with a B. A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a M. A. in Educational Research.

Working in Biotech Pest Management has been a new experience for her, but she has adjusted well and picked up the industry knowledge at lighting speeds. She has been working in this company for 2 years, and she has become a trusted member of the Biotech team. Working in Biotech Pest Management has been a new experience for her, but she has adjusted well and picked up the industry knowledge at lighting speeds.

Dustin Pierce

Service Manager

• Arundel High School

• osha certified , ASE mechanic.

• background in labor – remodel , arborist , landscaper , demolition, auto mechanic , Manager , Site Supervisor

• driven to make a tangible impact in community through skill set labor oriented work

• aspiration to further business management education

• long term – be apart of a growing business in which I can apply prior skill sets and learned knowledge to progress into building business infrastructure and understanding forming of logistics in a service industry company

• highlight of being part of the Biotech Family – positively impacting a customers life directly everyday and improving quality of life within the community with tangible and immediate results

Clifford Akpan

Owner and chief technician

Clifford Akpan acquired his business degree in finance from California State University. He worked for many years as a business analyst in the oil industry in Chicago.

Desiring more independence, he dabbled in the vending machine, real estate, and commercial cleaning industries before being introduced to pest control by a friend of his.

Pest control is where Clifford discovered his true calling. He loved the satisfaction of giving customers a peace of mind by solving their pest problems.