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Ensuring customers have a safe, clean, pest-free environment.


WASHINGTON DC, September 6, 2023 — BioTech Pest Management, the leading pest control service provider in the Washington Metropolitan area, is proud to announce exciting developments in their commitment to ensuring customers have a safe, clean, pest-free environment.

Founded 14 years ago by Clifford, BioTech Pest Management has evolved from a one-man operation into a robust team of experts who specialize in treating for rodents and pests. Clifford’s unique vision for a more effective and affordable pest control solution has transformed the industry and led to the creation of the BioTech System, a customized pest control process tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

“We’re not just treating symptoms, we’re looking at the root of the problem,” said Clifford. “By targeting the source, we help people get rid of pests for good. This is the essence of the BioTech System.”

Word of mouth about BioTech Pest Management’s distinctive approach has spread rapidly, leading to significant business growth. This demand has allowed the company to expand its team with experienced service technicians, further enhancing the efficacy of the BioTech System.

Today, BioTech Pest Management proudly serves customers from Baltimore, MD to Richmond, VA, and continues to grow every day. Their ethos is simple: there’s always a better way to do things.

“We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers,” Clifford added. “We continually innovate and adapt to ensure we’re meeting our customers’ needs effectively and affordably.”

About BioTech Pest Management:
BioTech Pest Management is a dedicated team of pest control experts servicing the Washington Metropolitan area. They offer a unique, tailored service to both residential and commercial clients from Baltimore to Richmond. Their mission is to ensure customers have a safe and clean environment to work and reside in, completely pest-free. The company’s innovative BioTech System targets the root of pest problems, offering a more effective and affordable solution.

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