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Odorous Ants Extermination in Ellicott City, MD

We recently encountered a troublesome ant infestation in Ellicott City, Maryland. We carried out a number of treatments but failed to locate the ants’ nest.

Odorous Ants Nest Inspection


Many exterminators just spray houses. This is no more than a temporary treatment. For a lasting solution, ants must be eliminated at source. And this can be difficult. After a thorough inspection and long-term observation, we finally identified their nesting area by tracking ant trails originating from a hard-to-discover plant pot. All was revealed when we shoveled out the plant root to discover millions of active ants and their eggs.

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Odorous Ants Nest Removal

We moved as much of the colony as we could with shovels. We then sprayed the entire colony using a thin nozzle to infiltrate pesticides into their tunnels, killing active eggs and any remaining ants. The ants reacted by trying to escape from the colony, taking their eggs with them. So we sprayed the whole pot again breaking the soil concrete for maximum penetration.

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